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Thank you for visiting Christian Heritage Fellowship, Inc. Our organization is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible conservative Christian ministry which celebrates the positive influence of Christianity in America and around the world. At present, we offer three levels of membership, the first of which is free and the two additional levels are paid subscriptions. Our free and two paid membership levels and accompanying benefits are briefly described under the "Membership Options" in the menu below.

At present, we offer three levels of membership, the entry level of which is a free subscription. In addition to free membership, we offer the Bronze and Silver level memberships; both levels offer monthly or yearly opportunities for subscription payment. While yearly subscriptions offer full and immediate release of subscription rewards, the monthly subscriptions use a time-release schedule to distribute program rewards and are discussed below:

Free Subscription: Users who subscribe to our free service receive our electronic notifications of articles and newsletters. In addition, free subscribers also enjoy access to a limited number of downloads designated for this level of membership.

Level #1 Bronze Patriot: In addition to receiving electronic mailings of articles and newsletters, Bronze Patriots receive printed forms of newsletters upon distribution. This level of membership is entitled to receive two of our printed books with their paid subscription. Please see our list of Printed Resources.

Level #2 Silver Patriot: In addition to the rewards offered to the foregoing memberships, Silver Patriots will also receive one reward from our developing line of Heritage Hallmarks. Please see our list of Heritage Hallmarks.


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