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America's Founding Fathers and the Bible

Among the many proofs that America was founded as a Christian nation is the Founding Fathers' regard for and use of the Bible.

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When Congress Asked America to Fast, Pray, and Give Thanks to God

Congress affirms America's Christian origin

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Thank you for visiting Christian Heritage Fellowship! Our organization exists to advocate the Christian worldview of America’s founding fathers and historic Christianity. Resisting the historical revisionism that seeks to deny Christianity’s rightful legacy in national and world affairs, Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to articulate the true heritage of the Christian Church in America and around the world.

While issues of greatest importance may be accessed through the menu at the top of each page, users may access our articles through various finding aids located on this page and each article. Our articles are designed to elevate Christians’ appreciation for their faith, deepen their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and provide them with rational, historical, and biblical answers in the midst an unbelieving world.

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Beth’s Dogwood Tree: A Ceremony of Remembrance

On a chilly Tuesday morning, December 11, 2018 with frost covering the ground, many of Beth’s coworkers along with friends and Dr. Steve, gathered in the yard of ORAU (Oak Ridge Associated Universities) to dedicate a tree that had been planted to honor the memory of...

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Christian Living in December


263 Christian Living (Articles)

In the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, December is the twelfth month of the year. The last four months of our year, September, October, November and December, all receive their names from Latin numerical terms. Prior to the introduction of January and February into our calendar system, the old Roman Read more…

Christian Living in January


263 Christian Living (Articles) | 263.968301 January | Calendar

Whereas the end of each year is usually focused upon Thanksgiving, Christmas, and end-of-year activities, January affords the opportunity for planning for the events of the upcoming year. Much of the local church’s calendar should already be planned conceptually, but a concerted effort is needed to assign events to respective individ Read more…