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Thank you for visiting Christian Heritage Fellowship! Our organization exists to advocate the Christian worldview of America’s founding fathers and historic Christianity. Resisting the historical revisionism that seeks to deny Christianity’s rightful legacy in national and world affairs, Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to articulate the true heritage of the Christian Church in America and around the world.

While issues of greatest importance may be accessed through the menu at the top of each page, users may access our articles through various finding aids located on this page and each article. Our articles are designed to elevate Christians’ appreciation for their faith, deepen their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and provide them with rational, historical, and biblical answers in the midst an unbelieving world.

Our Articles

The Christian Week and Sabbath

Daniel Whedon was one of the most distinguished Methodist scholars and churchman of nineteenth-century American Methodism. His interest in the subject of the Lord's Day should be no surprise to the reader given the fact that the subject occupied an important place in...

Your Baby Was Not a Fish

For decades, evolutionists had argued that a child developing within the womb of his mother passed through stages of development that summarized the evolution of mankind, from fish-like creatures to the mature development of the human being. Evolutionists argued that,...

Seasonal Articles

Christian Living in February


263 Christian Living (Articles) | 263.968302 February | 263.968302 February Articles | Calendar

The calendar used in the West is the result of extended evolution. For the most part, our calendar is the result of the influence of the Greeks and the Romans who followed them. February receives its name from Februa (or Februatio),[1] an ancient purification festival held on February 15 (full moon) under the old lunar Roman calendar Read more…

Christian Living in March


263 Christian Living (Articles) | 263.968303 March | 263.968303 March Articles | Calendar

March is the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The equivalent of March in the Southern Hemisphere is September, and in the Northern Hemisphere, March 1st is the beginning of the meteorological spring. March receives its name from ancient Rome when it was the first month of the year and was called Read more…