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From July 30 to August 4, 1619, the first Representative Legislative Assembly to ever gather in America convened in the church at Jamestown, Virginia. The governor, six counsellors, and twenty burgesses gathered in the choir loft at the east end of the church where Canon law number 82 of the Church of England stipulated…

… that the ten Commandements [sic] be set upon the East ende of every Church and Chapell.

The Bible approved for use within Anglican churches at the time of the Assembly was the Bishops’ Bible of 1602. The significance is that America’s first legislative efforts were conducted at the east end of the church, in the choir loft, where the Ten Commandments of the Bishops’ Bible were hung.

The church depicted at the top of our Ten Commandments plaque is the James Town Memorial Church of 1907. It rests upon the site of the 1617 Jamestown church in which the Assembly gathered in 1619. It stands as an appropriate memorial to the Christian ethos that birthed American government. Commemorating the influence of this version of Holy Scripture upon this moment in America’s Christian heritage, the original spelling of the Bishops’ Bible of 1602 has been retained.

Share this heritage hallmark moment with your children, grandchildren, parishioners, patrons, and other members of your community. Order your Jamestown Ten Commandments plaque today!

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Material: Made of solid cherry wood, which may vary in color from the image used in this advertisement

Rendering: Silk-screened image with laser engraving

Dimensions: 14″ wide x 24″ high

Color Difference: Given the fact this is natural wood, variations in color should be expected.

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