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Read the historical documents proving that the Founding Fathers did truly create the United States of America based on God and Christian principles.

Read all 50 State Constitutions. Each State did invoke God in their State Constitution.

Read the story about the Continental Congress approving and recommending the Holy Bible (The Aitken Bible) to be printed and distributed throughout the American colonies during the Revolutionary War for American Independence.

Read the truth about the Barbary Treaties. Read the actual treaties which include God, references to the US being a Christian nation and its Christian people. Read the truth about the misunderstood Article 11 which was penned by Joel Barlow not John Adams.

Read the personal correspondence of the Founding Fathers between each other; letters to their family members, their personal diary entries and letters to their friends which reveal their personal beliefs and how their personal beliefs inspired how the United States was founded upon their belief in God and Natural Laws.

Read the Presidential Proclamations and Governor issued Proclamations that were issued calling upon the citizens of the United States to set aside a day for prayer, thanksgiving and to ask God for His guidance and forgiveness.

Read about our early American schools use of the Bible and the Word of God as a teaching tool to inspire children to be kind to each other, to be honest, to have integrity and good citizenship practices through reading and writing.

The Founding Fathers were not deists. They were men who worshipped God and continually looked to God for guidance and for His blessings on the US as a nation.

Read how the Preamble to our US Constitution protects for the unborn their right to life. This book is a thoroughly researched collection of historical documents created by the Founding Fathers which serve as evidence that the US has always been a Christian nation.

The Founding Fathers: What Did They Really Say? Evidence That The US Was Founded On God & Christian Principles is a must-have book for your personal library. Buy your copy today.

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