America's Founding Fathers and the Bible

America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible

America's Founding Fathers and the Bible
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Contrary to the contemporary mantra that America was birthed as a secular nation, the historical evidence demonstrates that America was founded by Christians who wished to enjoy the liberty to freely express their Christian faith. Lamentably, Christians have forgotten and neglected the Christian heritage bequeathed to them by America’s Founding Fathers and have allowed secularists to disparage and deny what was given to them at such a great price. America’s Founding Fathers and the Bible briefly describes a portion of America’s Christian heritage, particularly during the rise of nationalism when America was shaping its national government. During this era, the Founding Fathers affirmed both the principles and practices of the Bible. By no means exhaustive, this work demonstrates that America’s Founding Fathers clearly intended to perpetuate the Christian faith, in both private and public observances. The Founding Fathers left a legacy of publicly honoring the principles of Christianity and fully intended that succeeding generations of Americans should do the same.

Two Founding Fathers manipulated by secularists to advance the false argument of an irreligious American origin are Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. In this second edition, their unorthodox opinions are considered and placed within the context of their contribution to America’s Christian origin. Readers will learn why these Founding Fathers cannot be used as advocates of irreligion with regard to America’s origin.

When Congress Asked America to Fast, Pray, and Give Thanks to God: Spiritual Observances by Congress at the Beginning of America's Federal Government
By Stephen A. Flick Ph.D.
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From 1775 to 1784, the Congresses of the United States issued sixteen separate spiritual proclamations, calling Americans to humble themselves, fast, pray, and give thanks to God. Few realize that during the American War of Independence, Congress issued spiritual proclamations to the thirteen states in which they asked citizens to seek the Lord in one of the darkest moments of the nation's history. Having been told for decades that America was birthed by deists, few Americans today can imagine that at one time Congress asked pastors to read their proclamations from their pulpits. In addition, Congress also asked that citizens cease their labor and gather into churches to observe the spiritual proclamations they issued. Citizens who truly wish to know what America's Founding Fathers were like must read the spiritual proclamations of Congress for themselves.
Build Upon the Rock: Letters of John Quincy Adams to His Son on the Bible and Its Teachings
By John Quincy Adams
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In 1809, President James Madison appointed John Quincy Adams as America’s first ambassador to Russia. Leaving his oldest son behind in America, Mr. Adams—sensible of his spiritual obligation to his son—began to write a series of letters to help provide basic guidance to his son concerning his son's spiritual disciplines, the importance of Bible study, and it basic teachings. Though written with their oldest son—George—in mind, Mr. Adams fully intended that these nine letters also be kept and collected for the benefit of "brothers and sisters." Originally published in 1850, the Letters of John Quincy Adams are now once again available in this special presentation edition.
America, this is our Christian heritage!
Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to speak to several specific areas of need. First, we seek to advocate a biblical worldview as opposed to other world religions or secular humanism. Second, our ministry seeks to recover and advocate the truth concerning America’s Christian heritage and the positive influence of Christianity around the world. Finally, it is our desire to provide this information to believers (and non-believers) that they might be inspired to live lives pleasing to God.

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