Many argue that "religion and politics do not mix". But, the truth of the matter is just the opposite. Irreligion and wrong religion have never mixed well with politics, and every Christian should be prepared to respond to such outlandish statements.

There is a group of individuals in America who have political aspirations, but they do not want Christians to have a role in the shaping of the political climate of the nation. These irreligionists may rightly be called "politatheists" for in matters of politics for these individuals there is no God. Many, many times irreligion and politics have mixed, and each time irreligion and politics is mingled it is always detrimental to all under their sphere of influence. Never does irreligion and politics hold hands but what the result is complete catastrophe! Those who hold that religion must be taken out of politics hope the truth about their position will never be fully exposed to the light of historical truth. As long as "politatheists" are allowed to remain in the shadows, their hideous form will never be exposed to the daylight of truth. For several decades, politatheists have foisted the notion upon America that a greater freedom and a richer liberty will be enjoyed in direct proportion to the dismantling of Christian influence upon the nation. The reality is that when irreligion and wrong religion and politics have mixed, the result has consistently been disastrous.

Devastation of Irreligion in Communism

It is not necessary, to recede into the distant pages of human history to expose the irreligionists and politatheists to the light of truth. Evoking the memory of irreligion and politics in the communistic theory of Karl Marx should be sufficient for the candid and sincere. Apparently embittered by his father's conversion from Judaism to Lutheranism prior to his birth, Marx regarded religion as "Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes"—"Religion is the opiate of the masses." Perhaps the record of irreligion in the form of communism and its political aspirations are no more fully recorded than in The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression. Translated by Jonathan Murphy and Mark Kramer, this work records the wedding of irreligion and politics:

An 800-page compendium of the crimes of Communists regimes worldwide, recorded and analyzed in ghastly detail by a team of scholars. The facts and figures, some of them well known, others newly confirmed in hitherto inaccessible archives, are irrefutable. The myth of the well-intentioned founders—the good czar Lenin betrayed by his evil heirs—has been laid to rest for good.[1]

At the beginning of the twenty-first century the festering body of communism nears its death—but in America, through the ACLU and similar organizations, there is a renewed hope that this putrefying body of Marxism may be resuscitated. In the name of academic freedom, Marxists on prestigious Harvard Law School well out number any remotely regarded as conservative.[2] Irreligion in communistic politics has only brought death and destruction—and it continues to do so!

Devastation of Irreligion in Darwinianism

Charles Darwin, in his book Origin of Species (1859), provided an alternative view to the origin of creation with his theory of evolution. Darwin and his disciples dismissed responsibility and accountability to God by suggesting that gradualism was responsible for the creation of all forms of life. Many, including the evolutionist Adolph Hitler, saw the logical conclusion to Darwin's non-scientific theory: "If there is no God, it is permissible to do whatever I wish without the fear of being held accountable for my actions!" As a result, sixty million men, women, and children died in World War II; and 292,000 Americans died in military action.[3] It is hypocritical for the American public school to advocate Darwinism and not be willing to own responsibility for the actions of its adherents. Our children must be barricaded in their classrooms to protect them from armed fellow students who have been taught that human life is the result of chance and has no divine purpose! Before Columbine, there was Pearl, Mississippi, and I remember the shell-shocked countenance of Adam, Robert, Chris, and Carrie when they came to Riverside Church following that fateful event at Pearl High School, and I painfully remember following a caravan of cars to the graveside of one of the young ladies taken in that ghastly tragedy. If Darwinism's "tooth and claw" (survival of the fittest) is advocated as scientific reality, we should not be surprised when our morals as individuals and as a nation are calibrated accordingly. And, since this is ostensibly the guiding science of origins, the proponents of this philosophy must share responsibility for the near collapse of the American economy in 2008. These ruthless Wall Street tycoons were only living out Darwin's "tooth and claw!" Not only is Darwinism terrible "science," it is also terrible morality—but Darwin's supporters will never acknowledge the failure of this philosophy as science or morality! Irreligion in Darwinian politics has only brought death and destruction—and it continues to do so! The irreligionists and politatheists have been the instigators of the present rape of America!

Devastation of Wrong Religion

John Brown

In addition to irreligion, wrong religion and politics has also dealt a deadly blow to America and the world. One glaring example being found in the Unitarians and Transcendentalists prior to the American Civil War. Through a small band of men known as the Secret Six, these groups were responsible for financing and lauding the abolitionist terrorist, John Brown, whose murderous efforts were responsible for much of the hostility that produced the war between the states. The Unitarians and Transcendentalists were among the rationalists, atheists, and other unbelievers who sought to have American courts declare that American law was not fundamentally Christian.[4] Six-hundred-twenty thousand lost their lives in the American Civil War—nearly as many as those killed in all other American wars combined. Wrong religion and politics never favorably mix!

The principles of Mohammad and Jesus Christ are worlds apart! Never did Christ severe the heads of his adversaries from the bodies, but Mohammad personally beheaded hundreds—and his disciples continue the gruesome practice of their master! In one case, Mohammad took the wife of one of the men he beheaded after she was forced to watch her husband’s execution. The religious principles of Mohammad have infused a particular character upon the nations that have followed Mohammad and his Koran—and the character of those nations that have followed Jesus Christ and the Bible are worlds apart. Until the twentieth century and world interest in Middle East oil, the Muslim politics has produced third-world nations. Islam has been responsible for the wanton mutilation and deaths of millions. See the following article: The Effects of Islam on the World.

Irreligionists and politatheists wish to deprive Christianity of a place in politics, insisting that it has disqualified itself because of its blemished history. Perhaps the battering-ram most often used against Christians is the Crusades, but a rehearsal of the facts ought to remove this prejudice from the most sincere. Muhammad was assassinated in 632. In 636—only four years later—Muhammad's successor engaged in war with Eastern Christians, and by 638, the first major Christian city (Jerusalem) fell to the murderous onslaught of Muslims. The First Crusade to deliver Christian lands from Muslim domination did not begin until 1095—that is, 457 years after the fall of Jerusalem. If it took America's allies 457 years to respond to an attack upon our nation's sovereignty, we should probably look for other allies. If it took President George H. W. Bush one-fourth that length of time to respond to the aggression of Saddam Hussein, Kuwait would still be waiting for a deliverer. Knowing the facts will help prepare Christians against the attacks of irreligionists.

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Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet)

Much more needs to be said concerning irreligion, wrong religion and politics, particularly with regard to the personal character of their lauded proponents. The world may rightly ask, "Where are the heroes of irreligion?" Examine carefully the personal lives of Rousseau, Voltaire, Thomas Paine, etc., etc., and it becomes apparent that they lived according to the principles they advocated—and inevitably one finds villainy rather than heroic character! They lived according to their principles. Just ask Bill Murray what his home life was like with his atheistic mother, Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

Not for one moment should any Christian suggest that all "Christian" magistrates have always held their offices in conformity to the principles of Jesus Christ and the Bible. This is the fault that lies at the feet of those who have professed to follow Christ but have not followed His principles. Because a student is poor at math in no way faults the principles of mathematics, and because nominal "Christian" leaders choose to govern with non-biblical or wrong principles in no way minimizes the fact that a nation is blessed when right principles of government are used. It is true in politics; it is true in every discipline. Between the principles of true Christianity and irreligion or wrong religion lies a chasm that cannot be bridged.

History demonstrates that if a nation will not live with right religion and politics, it will die with mingling of irreligion or wrong religion and politics.

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