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Christian Living in August

Christian Living in August

August, Calendar Articles, Christian Living (Articles), Social Theology

Listen Whereas the “dog days of summer” in the Northern Hemisphere begin in early July, they conclude prior to the end of the second week of August.[1] Fishermen generally regard these days as useless for their sport, and by the early part of August, teachers and pupils once again inhabit most school classrooms. With the beginning of school, summer quickly grinds to a halt....Read more... Read more...

Christian Education Sunday

Christian Education Sunday

August, Calendar Articles, Social Theology

Listen Since the new Sunday School year starts in the first Sunday of September, the latter part of August would be a good time to install teachers for the new year. [page_shadow] This concludes another episode from our podcast library, entitled, Christian Education Sunday . Christian Heritage Fellowship Incorporated is a listener supported, non-profit organization. Your financial...Read more... Read more...