The United States a Christian Nation
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The United States a Christian Nation

Brewer, The United States a Christian Nation
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Historic evidence of America’s Christian origin
September, 1905
Justice Brewer lectures on Christianity and America
Justice David Josiah Brewer

The United States a Christian Nation provides further reflections from the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the majority opinion on February 29, 1892 (Holy Trinity vs. The United States), calling America a “Christian nation.” Providing not only historical evidence for his opinion, Justice David Brewer sets out to provide additional insight into the way America can maintain greatness through the influence of Christianity. Contrary to the liberal desire to deny Christianity any social influence, Justice Brewer insists that only through the use of Christian principles is it possible for America to maintain its greatness. This elaboration by Justice Brewer upon the influence of Christianity is a powerful antidote to secular interpretations of America’s heritage. Get your copy today!

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christian nation

christian nation

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Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to speak to several specific areas of need. First, we seek to advocate a biblical worldview as opposed to other world religions or secular humanism. Second, our ministry seeks to recover and advocate the truth concerning America’s Christian heritage and the positive influence of Christianity around the world. Finally, it is our desire to provide this information to believers (and non-believers) that they might be inspired to live lives pleasing to God.

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