America's Organic Documents

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Series Articles

Sayings ofGeorge Washington

Dr. Christopher Ion | May 25, 2022

By the 1920s, the character of America's Founding Fathers was under attack by a handful of Marxist voices. Since that era, those anti-American streams of thought have converged with ever-broadening and more numerous confluences of historical heresy. Throughout the twentieth century, the lies of the Left concerning America's Founding Fathers have succeeded in nearly drowning biographical and historical truth with an avalanche of Marxist misinformation. The Sayings of George Washington is catalog of primary information concerning the Father of America. It is a defense of his moral life and Christian character, derived from those who knew him best and who were most qualified to reflect upon the personal legacy of Mr. Washington. Young and old alike will be inspired by this hi Read more...

Congress and Chaplains

Dr. Christopher Ion | May 25, 2022

From the very beginning of America's national life, the Christian Faith and Her ministers have been constituent elements—and what may be affirmed with regard to America's national life may also be asserted concerning Her colonial life. The earliest charters granting English settlement in the New World advocated the Christian Faith, and the first constitutions of the thirteen colonies did the same. When America's Founding Fathers convened the First Continental Congress in 1774, it was determined they would begin their deliberations following the prayers of Christian chaplains. Thee practice of prayer being offered prior to political deliberation was very much a part of the English tradition, and this practice was observed in America from the earliest eras of colonial and na Read more...