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Prayer Ministry

Never has there been a serious move of God in the spiritual life of individuals or larger group but what it has been preceded by prayer. In early twenty-first century America and many other parts of the world, many troubling events deeply disturb believers and affect panic in the hearts of unbelievers. The solution to national and global ills is believing prayer that seeks to secure the richest and deepest provisions of the eternal God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Often, the prayers of Christians are too narrow, only seeking God’s blessing for them and a small sphere of individuals around them.

Rather, the true Christian looks upon “the harvest field” that is global in character. For this reason, the RSS feeds below are brought together to enable local spiritual leaders to quickly summarize national and global concerns. The Summary tab on the menu below allows our users to navigate to a printable page that collates the first articles of the feeds listed below. This summary may then be distributed to believers who in turn are invited to pray throughout the week for God’s intervention in human affairs.

Associated Press (Top Headlines)
1 dead, 15 injured in Cincinnati nightclub gunfight:
Pope's sex abuse board vows to go on without survivor member:
US-backed forces capture Syrian air base from IS:
Christian Law Association
Do “No Solicitation” signs apply to church members on visitation?:
Can a church operate a scholarship fund for its own ministry school?:
What is considered earned income?:
Is it ever legal for a coach to pray with his players on school grounds?:
Family Research Council
Urge Congress to say NO to Abortion funding in Obamacare Replace:
Ask President Trump to Protect Religious Freedom:
Ask President Trump to support religious freedom!:
Stop the IRS from Penalizing Tax Exempt Organizations for Speech:
Worthy Christian News (US News)
Trump Transition Team Was Swept Up in Incidental Surveillance, House Intel Chairman Says:
Republicans revamp U.S. health bill, boost benefits to older Americans:
DOJ: Hawaii ruling 'flawed both in reasoning and in scope':
AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys to resign:

This tab section allows users to navigate to a printable summary that may be used by pastors and church leaders in prayer meetings and other related services. Only RSS summaries are provided on this printable page. For this reason, pastors or individuals leading prayer services should familiarize themselves with the issues in the RSS feeds above, and in many cases may wish to print requests that need special emphasis. Leaders may click or navigate to individual feeds to acquire more information, printing some of the RSS articles and inviting participants in the service to provide summaries. Users may navigate to the printable summary by clicking the button below, then click the print button at the lower right side of the page, and finally click the “here” link at the bottom right of the preview page that appears.

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