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Prayer List Summary

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Good money going to an immoral cause:  

college campus sceneA major university in North Carolina presented its first-ever "Sex Week" event this week with a salacious series of workshops that's being put on with the help of taxpayer Title IX money. (Caution: This story contains references that some may find offensive.)

God's design for gender good enough for these Republicans:  

Bible in lap (black-and-white)The Republican Party in Kansas has passed a resolution on human sexual identity that affirms God's design for gender but that homosexual activists are calling "anti-science."

Trump bucks NRA, backs raising age for buying assault rifles:  WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation should keep assault rifles out of the hands of anyone under 21, President Donald Trump says, defying his loyal supporters in the National Rifle Association amid America's public reckoning over gun violence. He also pushed hard for arming security guards and many teachers in U.S. schools.
Florida man screams, yells 'murderers!' as he's put to death:  STARKE, Fla. (AP) — As the execution drugs were being administered, inmate Eric Scott Branch let out a blood-curdling scream. Then he yelled "murderers! murderers! murderers!" as he thrashed on a gurney as he was being put to death for the 1993 rape and slaying of a college student.
Do “No Solicitation” signs apply to church members on visitation?:  Do “No Solicitation” signs apply to church members on visitation?
Can a church operate a scholarship fund for its own ministry school?:  Can a church operate a scholarship fund for its own ministry school?
Trump threatens to pull immigration agents out of California due to ‘sanctuary’ status:  President Trump voiced frustration Thursday with California’s status as a statewide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, including gang members, and said he’s considering pulling federal immigration enforcement agents out of the state as a response.
Jobless claims plunge to 222,000, second-lowest mark in decades:  New applications for unemployment benefits dropped 7,000 to 222,000 in the second full week of February, the Department of Labor reported Thursday, the second-lowest mark of the recovery and a good sign for the economy.
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