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Throughout America, many share the concern that our national heritage is being swallowed-up by secularism or irreligion, but most are unprepared to answer the false claims of their secular adversaries. For this reason, Friends of America (sponsored by Christian Heritage Fellowship, Inc) is reaching out to concerned individuals, churches, businesses, and other organizations, partnering with them to provide seminars and tailored events that address the truth about America's heritage. The intent is to gather together groups of individuals—something we have chosen to call, "Friends of America" events. To accomplish this, we need regional coordinators who will help organize tailored events. As one practical means of attempting to partner with those of like mind, we have developed some ideas of how we may work together to convene special events that would allow us to communicate the truth concerning America's heritage.

Please note that the suggestions provided below are not intended to be exhaustive, but only a brief outline. The brevity of comment or emphasis should not be regarded as an effort to devalue any subject considered below. Also, we want our partners to be aware that we are more than willing to work with them to tailor services, seminars, and conferences to serve their needs and interests.

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All lasting influences for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ begin and are sustained through prayer. Throughout Church history, spiritual awakenings or revivals have been preceded by great seasons of prayer. If your efforts are to enjoy lasting results, prayer must precede your planning and must prevail during and following your event. A classic work to help you appreciate the importance of prayer is E. M. Bounds' book, Power Through Prayer.

Working with Others

Often times, local churches or organizations may wish to plan an event for their own constituency. Such an intent is perfectly valid. Our primary efforts should give consideration to those closest to us, to communicate the truth that made America great.

On other occasions, our partners may seek to communicate America's true heritage to a much larger group. In such cases, multiple individuals, schools, churches, or institutions may work together to focus upon specific groups or upon cities, counties, or other designated areas. A willingness to work with others—who are not always in harmony with our own traditions—is often critical to getting the truth concerning America's heritage to as many people as possible. Do not exclude political figures from your consideration who may be sympathetic to your efforts.

Framing the Event

One of the first and most important decisions concerns the extent of the event. A church may desire a limited number of presentations, while another group or organization may desire a series of seminars or sessions. The question to be answered at this point is, "How long should this event be?" A few suggestions in answering this question are presented below for your consideration:

• One session or service—Often an institution, organization, or church may desire one session. Generally, no special activity is planned to precede or follow this event—though a meal or light refreshments may be incorporated according to your wishes.

• Series of sessions—Any number of sessions may be included over a period of a day or more. You may wish to begin a conference or series of seminars with a meal, or if a larger event, perhaps a banquet. If the setting is a retreat, we will be happy to work with you to accomplish your desired schedule.

Scheduling a Date

While you may seek the "perfect" date for your event, it is likely you will confront issues that may lead you to believe that no time is right for such an effort. But, the need to confront irreligious secularism with the truth concerning America's heritage is too urgent to be neglected. Though the interests of God's work must never be relegated to a secondary place, it is important to correlate your selection of a date with other events of which your intended audience may be a part.

Identifying Topics

The overwhelming majority of Americans are unprepared to respond in the most basic ways to those who advocate the notion that, "America's Founding Fathers were deists and did not believe the Christian faith should have any role in public life," and "America was founded as a secular nation." For this reason, basic truths concerning America's Christian origin must be addressed. At Friends of America, we are able to work with you to address subjects which clearly explain America's true origin. You may contact us with the information provided below to begin to craft your own "Friends of America" event.

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