Event Planning and Publicity

Thank you for considering Christian Heritage Fellowship as a participant in your upcoming event. If you have not submitted a speaker scheduling form and would like to schedule a speaker, you may do so by clicking the appropriate message box below:

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Planning Material

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Planning Guide

To assist event coordinators with planning, we have prepared a brief planning guide, which may be used as little or as much as is needed. Coordinators will discover ample opportunity to embellish upon the planning guide with their own creativity. Though by no means exhaustive, our planning guide may be downloaded by clicking the hyperlink below.

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Possible Topics

Telling the truth concerning America's Christian heritage involves various subjects. To assist committees and event planners, we have prepared a trifold which briefly lists some of our presentations. This information allows individuals and members of committees to discuss event ideas in a more informed manner. The brief list of possible topics is not complete or exhaustive. Please contact us concerning possible additional topics.

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Publicity Material

Publicity Tri-fold

Publicity Trifold (Outside)

To assist event planners, we have prepared a trifold brochure that may be edited to accommodate event information. Two styles provide planners with options concerning the way in which event information is entered on the inside. Graphics quality of the trifold allow it to be copied or commercially printed, as best suits the planner's needs.

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Publicity Poster

Publicity Poster

Appropriate for store windows and other venues of public display, our 8.5" x 11" poster saves event planners time in graphic design. Two styles allow planners the opportunity to decide which poster best supplies their needs for displaying event information. Our publicity graphics are suited to quality sufficient for copying or commercial printing.

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Publicity Powerpoint

Publicity Powerpoint

Our Publicity Powerpoint contains the most pertinent information related to a Christian Heritage event. While the place and time of the event may be easily edited in the normal view of the Powerpoint, all elements may be altered by the more advanced event planner in the master view. For construction of additional Powerpoints, a background is also provided.

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Dr. Stephen Flick

Dr. Stephen Flick

Founder and Executive Director

Stephen Flick, Ph.D., heads Christian Heritage Fellowship, a national organization dedicated to reclaiming America’s Christian Heritage and celebrating the life-changing influence of the Gospel around the world.

Concerned with the cultural decay of America, Dr. Flick has sought to provide answers to fellow Christians (and unbelievers) concerning the questions and objections to Christianity often posed by secularists and the irreligious.

Dr. Flick is a writer and speaker and has authored numerous articles and books on America’s Christian heritage. He earned his Ph.D. from Drew University in history and Christian theology and has taught at the graduate level as full professor. He has been a licensed minster for nearly forty years and resides in East Tennessee with his wife, Beth. They have two grown, married children and five grandchildren.

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