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The Reformation in England

The Reformation in England

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Listen The Reformation in the English Church was separate from the Lutheran Reformation and the Swiss Reformation, though more similar to these than to the Radical Reformation in Europe. Beginning under Henry VIII, the Reformation in England initially rejected the principles of the Magisterial Lutheran and Swiss Reformers. Eventually, however, it accepted a number of the Protestant...Read more... Read more...

Sabine Baring-Gould: “Onward Christian Soldiers”

Sabine Baring-Gould: “Onward Christian Soldiers”

Anglican Churches, Annual Schedule, Calendar Articles, Default Category, History of Hymns, May Articles

Listen Pentecost Sunday, 1865 “Onward Christian Soldiers” first sung One of the most prodigious examples of Christian ministry is found in the legacy of the Anglican priest who gave the world the much-loved song, “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Generations of Christian children were raised singing the verses of this song with wide-eye enthusiasm and even more gusto...Read more... Read more...