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Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christian Calendar, Christian Witness, December, Social Theology

Though initially resisted by the Pilgrim Fathers of America, the practice gained use across America. Tragically, the false image of Nicholas has supplanted the true meaning of Christmas–the birth of the Messiah of the world. We are a user supported non-profit organization.  Your small gift is tax-deductible and will go a long way to help us meet our operating budget — and it...Read more... Read more...

Christian Living in December

Christian Living in December

Christian Calendar, Christian Living (Articles), December

Often, the Christmas season is the most meaningful time of year—for both the believer and unbeliever. Many fail to use this season of the year to point to Christ as fully as they might to Christianize the world around them. While some attempt to sanctify the carnal and merely sensuous for Christian purposes, the Apostle Paul warns believers to build with materials that are most...Read more... Read more...

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"...Resolved, That it be recommended to all the United States, as soon as possible, to appoint a day of solemn fasting and humiliation; to implore of Almighty God the forgiveness of the many sins prevailing among all ranks, and to beg the countenance and assistance of his Providence in the prosecution of the present just and necessary war... "
– Congressional Prayer Proclamation
Journals of Congress, 6:1022
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