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Atheist Responsible for Shootings

Atheist Responsible for Shootings

American Christianity, Christian Beliefs, Christian History, Christian Living, Christian Worldview, Concepts of God, Other Than Christianity

One’s beliefs necessarily determine one’s behavior. Benjamin Franklin clearly understood this fact when he told Thomas Paine that atheism and agnosticism leads only to social anarchy: “If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it.”[1] Paine, who consulted Franklin concerning political matters, had requested Franklin to review his Age of...Read more... Read more...

The Wright Brothers—Minister’s Sons Give the World Flight

The Wright Brothers—Minister’s Sons Give the World Flight

American Christianity, Christian Beliefs, Christian Calendar, Christian History, Christian Worldview, December Articles

December 17, 1903 World’s first successful manned flight If Christians truly realized how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed the world for good, they would be emboldened to defend their faith against a skeptical, unbelieving world. Most Christians are unaware that their faith was on the vanguard of developments in science and many other fields of study. As may be demonstrated from...Read more... Read more...

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