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The Christian Founding of Harvard

American History, Christian History, Christian Living, Christian Witness

September 8, 1636 Harvard first convenes classes Only eighteen years after the Pilgrims landed in the New World, Harvard College, the first of the Ivy League schools, was established for the sake of educating the clergy and raising up a Christian academic institution to meet the needs of perpetuating the Christian faith. All of the Ivy League schools were established by Christians for the sake of advancing Christianity and meeting the academic needs of the New World. No better summary of this effort can be offered than the one provided by the founders themselves: After God had carried us...Read more... Read more... -->

The First Prayer in Congress

American History, Christian History, Christian Witness, Social Theology

September 7, 1774 First prayer offered in Continental Congress All four of America’s organic laws were composed by the Continental[1] and Confederation[2] Congresses, which preceded the United States Congress under the Constitution. An organic law is a law that cannot be subverted or overruled by any other law. America’s four organic laws are the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), the Articles of Confederation (November 15, 1777), the Northwest Ordinance (July 13, 1787), and the Constitution (September 17, 1787). first prayer congress What is important to realize is that...Read more... Read more... -->

Why Must God Be Acknowledged Publicly?

American History, Christian History, Other Than Christianity

September 5, 1793 French Reign of Terror begins Since the late 1940s, many American liberal judges have stripped away the nation’s Christian heritage and right to acknowledge God in public settings. Courtrooms and classrooms of public schools have been stripped and sanitized of Christian symbols, though many educators now attempt to indoctrinate our public school children with Islam—which is not only permitted, but often endorsed. This is only one of liberalism’s many manifestations of hypocrisy.Why Must God Be Acknowledged Publicly While many American’s generally label...Read more... Read more... -->

James Wilson

American History, August Articles, Christian Calendar, Christian History, Signers of Declaration of Independence

August 28, 1798 Death of Signer, James Wilson James Wilson (September 14, 1742 – August 28, 1798) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. Wilson was elected twice to the Continental Congress, and was a major force in drafting the United States Constitution. A leading legal theorist, he was one of the six original justices appointed by George Washington to the Supreme Court of the United...Read more... Read more... -->

Benjamin Franklin and the Bible

American History, Christian History

Of all of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson possessed the most unorthodox Christian theology. However, their understanding of Christianity was far more orthodox than many contemporary “Christians.” Neither Franklin nor Jefferson were deists, atheists, agnostics, or irreligious in any sense. Secularists who seek to deny Americans their Christian heritage have no patrons to whom they may turn for support among America’s Founding Fathers—absolutely none![1] For this reason, they seek to employ Franklin and Jefferson to do their secular...Read more... Read more... -->

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"I am a Christian. I believe only in the Scriptures, and in Jesus Christ my Savior. "
– Charles Thomson
Secretary of Congress (1774-89)
Rush, Travels through Life, 208
"The brief exposition of the constitution of the United States, will unfold to young persons the principles of republican government; and it is the sincere desire of the writer that our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament or the Christian religion. "
– Noah Webster, "Schoolmaster of America"
History of the United States, 6
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