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George Washington and Primus Hall

George Washington and Primus Hall

American History, February Articles

February Black History Month William C. Nell William Cooper Nell (December 16, 1816 – May 25, 1874) was an African-American author, abolitionist, civil servant, and publisher of Boston, Massachusetts. As a prodigious writer and publisher, Nell penned important works concerning the contributions of black soldiers in the War of Independence and War of 1812. Those works include, Services...Read more... Read more...

Thirteenth Amendment Sermon in United States Capitol

Thirteenth Amendment Sermon in United States Capitol

American History, Christian History

The Republican Party arose to champion the cause of the abolition of slavery, and to punctuate the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment by the Congress, a former slave was invited to deliver a sermon at the church in the Capitol. The details surrounding this event and the sermon he delivered are presented below. Click to read the entire article… February 12, 1865 Thirteenth Amendment...Read more... Read more...

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"...Resolved, That it be recommended to all the United States, as soon as possible, to appoint a day of solemn fasting and humiliation; to implore of Almighty God the forgiveness of the many sins prevailing among all ranks, and to beg the countenance and assistance of his Providence in the prosecution of the present just and necessary war... "
– Congressional Prayer Proclamation
Journals of Congress, 6:1022
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