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Our quizzes anticipate the events of the month as they relate to Christian living and hint at what might be anticipated in the following month or months. Often the questions contained in the quizzes are composed from the subjects discussed in our articles. Please note that no personal information is collected or stored from anyone taking this quiz. To calculate your score, the quiz must be submitted with the button below. Try your skill today!

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May Quiz
  • On the first attempt, one of the two ships in which the Pilgrims were traveling was deemed unworthy of ocean travel and had to return to port in England. In September, the Pilgrims tried again and arrived two months later.
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Christian Heritage Fellowship exists for the advancement of the faith of individual believers and the defense and advocacy of the Christian faith within the context of the the family, local church, American society, and the global Christian community. Materials are developed chronologically and thematically with these purposes in mind. Many of our articles are seasonal and reappear at appropriate times throughout the calendar year.

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