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What Christians Believe—The Ecumenical Councils (325-787)

What Christians Believe—The Ecumenical Councils (325-787)

Christian History, Christian Living

May 20–June 19, 325 First Ecumenical Council (Nicea) Some Christians refuse to accept any summary statements of the Christian faith, professing to use only Scripture as their statement of faith. Initially, this position may possess greater appeal for the faithful Bible-believing Christian, but a question soon arises: “Whose interpretation of Scripture should I follow?” Before long it...Read more... Read more...

The Use of the Bible as a Schoolbook

The Use of the Bible as a Schoolbook

American Christianity, Christian History

March 10, 1791 Founding Father argues for use of Bible in schools On April 19, 1813, Dr. Benjamin Rush — one of America’s Founding Fathers — passed into eternity at the age of sixty-seven. Along with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush was regarded as one of the three most important Founding Fathers of America.[1] Though secularists incorrectly take advantage...Read more... Read more...

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"...Resolved, That it be recommended to all the United States, as soon as possible, to appoint a day of solemn fasting and humiliation; to implore of Almighty God the forgiveness of the many sins prevailing among all ranks, and to beg the countenance and assistance of his Providence in the prosecution of the present just and necessary war... "
– Congressional Prayer Proclamation
Journals of Congress, 6:1022
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