One of the most meaningful instruments of teaching the life and glory of the Christian life is through the teaching of hymn or song histories. The most enduring songs of the church have wrapped the principles and experience of the Christian faith in the envelope of a gracious melody which inspires, convicts, and convinces believers and unbelievers alike. Enduring songs of the church have for centuries buoyed the hopes and aspirations of the faithful in the darkest and most troubling moments of life. Unlike much of contemporary education in America, the Church must be deliberate in its didactic efforts to keep the truth aloft, and one of the best ways to provide the local congregation with a sense of glory that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ is to provide a window of insight provided by hymn or song histories.

Below appears a list of hymn (song) histories which are appropriate for use in a worship setting. They are intended to inform the minds and inspire the hearts of the faithful concerning the ongoing work of Christ in his Church and world.

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