Helping You Reclaim America

Helping You Reclaim America

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Nowhere in world history have the principles of Christianity been as fully realized as what they have been in the United States of America. Leaving their places of national origin, people groups from all over the world have yearned for the liberty and opportunity realized only through the use of the Christian principles of government which were advocated by America’s Christian Founding Fathers. Believing that if the present generation and those

generations that follow are to enjoy the blessings that only the principles of the Bible may bring to a nation, Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to partner with individuals, institutions, churches, and other organizations to help America reclaim the Christian principles that made Her a great nation. To accomplish this, Christian Heritage Fellowship has focused its efforts on practical means of providing resources to our supporters to reclaim America’s Christian heritage.

Our Focus


Our articles, chronologically arranged, helps our supporters understand America’s true Christian heritage

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