On Behalf of Our Family–Thank You!

On Behalf of Our Family–Thank You!

Stephen and Beth Anne Flick

A number of months ago while using a book that had been gifted to me from my Grandma Flick’s personal library, I found a small handwritten note: “When my husband passed away, I sought the Lord and through my family and friends, He helped me.” Soon after my discovery I gave it to my dad, knowing he would appreciate this sentimental find. I had forgotten about that little note until just a few days ago, when my dad pulled the same note out of his Bible and raised it as his own personal testimony. On behalf of my family I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to our extended family and friends who have lifted us up during this difficult time of loss.

On July 23, while returning home from a trip to visit family and close friends, my parents were involved in a tragic car accident that claimed the life of my mother and seriously injured my father. Dad was taken to a hospital in Roanoke, Virginia where he received care until his discharge four days later on July 27. Since bringing Dad home, we have all worked hard on his physical healing as well as preparing a beautiful service for my mother. We were blessed by the presence of extended family members and close friends from near and far at her funeral on August 2 and interment the morning of August 3. Our friends and family in the local community and from distances far away have been a real hand of grace in our lives through this difficult tragedy. We deeply appreciate your continued prayer and support as we continue to grieve and seek the Lord’s guidance in every step forward.

Jessica A. (Flick) Smith
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