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Notification Services

You are invited to sign-up (or subscribe) to our website. The common means of keeping in touch with our users (or subscribers) are described below. All of our subscriptions (sign-ups) are free and without any obligation. Subscribing to one or more of the services described below will allow you to remain abreast of our most recent articles (or posts) describing the ongoing ministry of Christian Heritage Fellowship. It should be noted that the profile information you submit is never sold or shared with any individual or organization. What is submitted to our site, stays at our site.

One means of keeping abreast of the developments at Christian Heritage Fellowship is through our Facebook account. You may remain connected with us by signing-up to Facebook and connecting to our account. You may connect with us by clicking the caption below the image to the right.

Chris­t­ian Her­itage Fel­low­ship users are invited to sign-up to receive noti­fi­ca­tion of the pub­li­ca­tion of prod­ucts, newsletters, and arti­cles via email. The sub­scrip­tion is free and may be ter­mi­nated by users at any time. To sub­scribe to our email subscription ser­vice, please navigate to our Sign-up page. A con­fir­ma­tion email will be sent to the email address that is entered to ensure the accu­racy of the email address. Users will not be fully enrolled in our email subscription ser­vice until the con­fir­ma­tion email has been confirmed by the one registering. As new prod­ucts, mate­ri­als, and arti­cles are pub­lished, email sub­scribers will be the first to learn of their release.

RSS Feed

The image to the right is commonly regarded as a source for reading information from a website that has, generally, been placed into categories. By clicking on this image, users are taken to a page which discloses the most recent posts or articles. You may connect with us by clicking the caption below the image to the right.


Another popular way to keep up-to-date with our website is through Twitter. To maintain contact with Christian Heritage Fellowship, two essential things must be completed. First, you must create an account at Twitter. After creating and confirming your account, navigate to Christian Heritage Fellowship’s posts on Twitter. The second thing to do is to sign-up to “Follow” Christian Heritage Fellowship. After navigating to our Twitter page, users must click a button or form inviting them to “Follow” the articles or posts of our site. You may connect with us by clicking the caption below the image to the right.