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Islam is arguably one of the most brutal religions the world has ever known. Since the fifth and sixth centuries, it has put to the sword nation after nation, and yet, politicians and academics continue the politically correct mantra that Islam is “a religion of peace.” It is not true that Islam is a religion of peace, and it is not true that only a fringe element of Islam carries out terror attacks and commits atrocities around the world. The principles of Islam advance violence and brutality–it has always been, it always will be. American politicians who continue to insist that “Islam is a religion of peace” betray the truth concerning American history and its relation to Islam, to say nothing of their betrayal of truth concerning Islam and world history. Such politicians (and academics) betray America and the best interests of the world. It is hoped that the articles listed below will evoke an interest in the user to study the true history of Islam, not a gilded caricature. To see the article related to the featured image of this article, please click this box. [/page_shadow]