In God We Trust Presentations--Great Bend, Kansas

In God We Trust Presentations–Great Bend, Kansas

Christian Heritage Fellowship would like to invite our family and friends to a series of presentations concerning America’s Christian heritage in Great Bend, Kansas on April 27-28. Local churches are uniting their efforts to sponsor 
this free community event. All are invited to come
 to three separate presentations to be reminded of 
America’s true Christian heritage.

Friday 1:00 PM (5th grade and up-“Can a True American Be a True Darwinist?”)
Friday 7:00 PM (“The Truth About America’s Christian Origin”)
Saturday 7:00 PM (“America’s Founding Fathers Were Not Secularists”)

All presentations will be convened at the…

Great Bend Community Theatre
1905 Lakin Ave, Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Sunday morning worship at…

Foundry Methodist Church
5401 Broadway Ave
Great Bend, Kansas 67530-3211
Presentation: “Why the Right God Matters in Government”
Christian Heritage Fellowship seeks to speak to several specific areas of need. First, we seek to advocate a biblical worldview as opposed to other world religions or secular humanism. Second, our ministry seeks to recover and advocate the truth concerning America’s Christian heritage and the positive influence of Christianity around the world. Finally, it is our desire to provide this information to believers (and non-believers) that they might be inspired to live lives pleasing to God.

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