Many American Founding Fathers have been villainized and ridiculed by secularists and the irreligious who have been attempting to erase the facts concerning America’s Christian origin. Because nearly all of America’s Founding Fathers were Christian—at least in a nominal sense—it is difficult for secularists to provide evidence to sustain their un-American and non-historical assumptions and beliefs. One of the means employed by secularist in attempting to cover-up America’s Christian origin is to completely neglect those whom necessity does not obligated them to misconstrue and malign.

Elias Boudinot is perhaps one of the many Founding Fathers that secularist have been compelled to neglect. A careful study of his life reveals his deep patriotism for the American cause of independence and his deep passion for the cause of Jesus Christ. Distinguished as one of the Presidents of the Continental Congress, Boudinot later called upon the First Congress under the Constitution to request President Washington to proclaim a day of thanksgiving for God’s grace to America for establishing the new nation under the Constitution. Among his many notable efforts, his refutation of Thomas Paine’s infidelity or deism and his labor to initiate the American Bible Society speak most deeply of his orthodox evangelical Christian convictions. When the real facts are known about the Christian character of America’s Founding Fathers, it is easy to see why secularists and the irreligious are eager to suppress the truth concerning their lives and influence. To discover the Christian influence of Elias Boudinot, please see the articles associated with this series.