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Church Planning Resources

Public education in America has forgotten and neglected the heritage that Christians have bequeathed to this great nation. But what is true of American public education is also true of local and denominational churches and their leaders. Unbelievers have maliciously redirected America away from it Christian foundation, but to their own discredit Christian leaders have cooperated with this effort by not infusing into the minds of Americans and Christians around the corner and around the world their glorious Christian heritage–a heritage which is national as well as global.

Throughout the Church year, many events necessitate celebration and solemn consideration. Often pastors and church leaders are deeply challenged concerning the organization and orchestration of the life of the local congregation. “Ministry Resources” are aids to worship and special events for the purpose of spiritual and personal maturation. Using the civic, patriotic, and ecclesiastical calendars as a framework for special events, Ministry Resources supplement the development and presentation of special services and events, providing church leaders with ideas and resources for ministry. For an annual chronological presentation of Ministry Resources, please see our Christian Heritage Fellowship Calendar.

The articles listed below are efforts to recover the glorious national and global heritage of American Christians and Christians in other nations. It is the sincere desire of Christian Heritage Fellowship to assist laity and clergy alike in rediscovering Christianity’s glorious heritage and in communicating that heritage to believers and unbelievers alike. To this end, the following monthly planning articles are dedicated.