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Christianizing Halloween and Hallowmas

Christianizing Halloween and Hallowmas

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Listen One of the great challenges presented to every generation of Christians is the Christianizing of their respective generations. Sinister forces are constantly at work, seeking to scar and mar the cultural advantages and progress that are the results of biblical Christianity. Supreme Court Justice, David Brewer, understood this fact when he penned his book, The United States a...Read more... Read more...

Making Room in the Inn

Making Room in the Inn

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Listen A number of years ago, Gap brand stores – Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic–decided not to advertise their end-of-year sales with the term “Christmas.” Instead they chose the more generic term “holiday” so as not to offend those of non-Christian faiths, or atheists in general. But Gap is not alone in this decision. Last Christmas other companies also took a similar course...Read more... Read more...