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America's Founding Fathers and the Bible

Among the many proofs that America was founded as a Christian nation is the Founding Fathers' regard for and use of the Bible.

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When the United States Capitol Was a Church

One of the many evidences that America was not founded as a secular nation is seen in the fact that the Capitol was first used as a church.

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While issues of greatest importance may be accessed through the menu at the top of each page, users may access our articles through various finding aids located on this page and each article. Our articles are designed to elevate Christians’ appreciation for their faith, deepen their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and provide them with rational, historical, and biblical answers in the midst an unbelieving world.

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Christian Living in June

Christian Living in June

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Each month offers new and exciting opportunity for the believer, Christian family, and local church. If observed without regard to the rest of the year, any given month––by itself––may appear stark and lean. But, within the context of the Church year, each month enjoys greater vividness and importance. If one piece of a stained glass Read more…

Christian Living in July

Christian Living in July

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Podcast: ‘Christian Living in July,’ by Dr. Stephen Flick. Throughout the summer months, families are preoccupied with various activities that are often unique to this season of the year. Family vacations, church camp, and other activities provide materials from which family and personal memories are made. For those of us who are privileged to regularly share in a good summer family church camp, meeting with the Lord and cherished friend Read more…