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Christian Biography

One of the most significant forms of encouragement to live for Christ is reading about the lives of those who have been faithful to Christ and have left a godly legacy to succeeding generations of believers. Surprisingly, those who have risen to heights of spiritual notoriety have always been faced with struggles, temptations, loss, and great discouragement. God has a way of using biography to inspire believers to climb higher and show us that we are not the only ones to have faced great difficulty and that the faithful will realize victory. Regrettably, few Christians have come to appreciate the fact that Christian biography is one of God’s most valuable tools in reminding us that we are not alone–the Lord is still with us and he is leading us as he has faithfully lead others.

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Written by Dr. Stephen FlickNumber of posts: 216
Concerned with the cultural decay of America, Dr. Flick has sought to provide answers to fellow Christians (and unbelievers) concerning the questions and objections to Christianity often posed by secularists and the irreligious. Dr. Flick is Christian Heritage Fellowship’s executive director and resides in East Tennessee with his wife, Beth. He spent 12 years as a Seminary professor and has been a licensed minister for more than thirty years, during which time he has served as pastor, revival and camp meeting evangelist, interim pastor, and other ministerial roles. He has authored numerous articles concerning America’s Christian heritage. Dr. Flick earned his Ph.D. from Drew University in theology and church history.

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