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How Thomas Paine Betrayed America

How Thomas Paine Betrayed America

American Christianity, Christian Calendar, Christian History, Concepts of God, January Articles, Other Than Christianity

Thomas Paine is often employed by the political left as justification for their false claim that America was established as a secular nation. The facts, however, completely expose their uninformed argument. Click to read the entire article… January 10, 1776 Paine’s Common Sense published While Thomas Paine is remembered positively for his contribution to American independence...Read more... Read more...

Paul Harvey and “The Man and the Birds”

Paul Harvey and “The Man and the Birds”

Christian Calendar, Christian Living, Concepts of God, December Articles, Other Than Christianity

Paul Harvey reads his Christmas presentation, “The Man and the Birds,” in the audio recording provided below. A written form of this piece is also provided in the block quote. Paul Harvey Aurandt (September 4, 1918 – February 28, 2009), better known to the American public simply as Paul Harvey, was a Christian conservative radio broadcaster for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC)...Read more... Read more...

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