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Holy Week–Christianity’s Most Sacred Season

Holy Week–Christianity’s Most Sacred Season

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Listen Within Christianity, Holy Week commemorates the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Among English-speaking communions, the expression Passion Week is also used to describe the same period of time—the Sunday before Christ’s Crucifixion to His Resurrection. One of the earliest designations for this week in the Early Church was the “Great Week,” and during the...Read more... Read more...

Ben-Hur: A Christian Triumph

Ben-Hur: A Christian Triumph

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Listen In the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. there resides a full-body statue of General Lew Wallace, Civil War hero and author of the literary classic, Ben Hur. The story behind the composition of this time-honored classic is one worthy of being rehearsed on a regular basis, and no season of the year is more fitting for its telling than the...Read more... Read more...