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ACLU Rattles Lifeless Bones of Communism

ACLU Resistance Training

On June 17, 1992, the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, stood before a joint session of the United States Congress and confessed that Communism was dead. In his speech to Congress, President Yeltsin humbly called upon Congress to approve legislation providing aid to Russia, including twelve billion dollars in loans to his nation and other Asian republics. With such abysmal failure of Communism around the world, it is remarkable that at the end of the twentieth century and beginning of the twenty-first century that Communism should find any haven—least of all in the United States. In fact, Communism thrives in one of the organizations most deeply committed to the demise of America and the Christian values that have made the United States a great nation; that organization is the ill-named American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Click to read the entire article…

Boris Yeltsin

On June 17, 1992, the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, stood before a joint session of the United States Congress and confessed that Communism was dead. In his speech to Congress, President Yeltsin humbly called upon Congress to approve legislation providing aid to Russia, including twelve billion dollars in loans to his nation and other Asian republics.[1] Only decades earlier, the Russians and Communist allies flexed their political might around the world, but to the humiliation of those Communistic nations, like Russia, that espoused the failed political philosophy of Karl Marx, their grandiose aspirations ended in the dust. With such abysmal failure of Communism around the world, it is remarkable that at the end of the twentieth century and beginning of the twenty-first century that Communism should find any haven—least of all in the United States. In fact, Communism thrives in one of the organizations most deeply committed to the demise of America and the Christian values that have made the United States a great nation; that organization is the ill-named American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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ACLU Begins New Deception

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, the ACLU debuted its “People Power” campaign throughout America. In an effort to resist the conservative agenda of President Donald Trump, the ACLU organized everything from mass rallies to weekend house parties, where thousands were reported to have gathered over the weekend. Participants received a nine-point plan to resist established law and turn America into a network of “freedom cities” that resist the Trump presidential agenda and the vote of the American people in the election of 2016. Uniting with Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison who also called for “mass rallies” to stop Trump’s conservative agenda, the ACLU hopes to turn America Democratic “blue” by forcing its liberal Socialistic and Communistic agenda upon all America.

Lemming Blindness

An all-out effort by the ACLU to organize the liberal grass-roots against the restoration of America’s historic cultural and Christian values, as advocated by President Trump, is well underway, and the fact is that a high number of those responding to the ACLU ground-swell are young people. In Coral Gables, Florida, nearly 2,000 people gathered in the University of Miami’s basketball arena to hear Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU. Following his speech, Romero said, “We’ve seen this exponential growth in people becoming card-carrying members of the ACLU.” Flush with a sense of success since the 2016 election, he described the new recruits to the ranks of the ACLU: “They’re younger. They’re in every state around the country. The biggest danger was in not doing something like this, where people get apathetic and they fall asleep.” Further evidence of the success of the ACLU since the 2016 election is seen in the fact that it has nearly tripled its membership to 1.2 million and raised more than $80 million in donations. To keep pace with its growth, the ACLU plans to add an additional 100 staff members to a present staff of about 300.[2]

Lamentably, the only product that the ACLU has to offer America and the world is the same tyranny and mass destruction that Communism offered throughout the twentieth century. Because Americans are poorly informed about the deceptive and destructive nature of Socialism and Communism, many—like lemmings—follow the ACLU blindly to their own destruction, and possibly to the destruction of America.

Communistic Origin of ACLU

Roger Nash Baldwin

The ACLU developed out of an anti-war organization known as the American Union Against Militarism (AUAM), which opposed the involvement of America in World War I. Roger Nash Baldwin (January 21, 1884 – August 26, 1981) became a member of the AUAM, and following the passage of the Selective Service Act of 1917 by Congress, Baldwin called upon the AUAM to organize a legal division within the organization to defend the interests of conscientious objectors. The AUAM appointed Baldwin to head the newly created branch, the Civil Liberties Bureau (CLB), on July 1, 1917. Two months later, the Civil Rights Bureau severed ties with the AUAM and renamed itself the National Civil Liberties Bureau (NCLB). Three years later, in 1920, Baldwin’s National Civil Liberties Bureau deceptively renamed itself once again as the American Civil Liberties Union.[3] As executive director of the ACLU from 1920 to 1950, Baldwin orchestrated many of the ACLU’s landmark cases, including the famed Scopes Monkey Trial.

Roger Baldwin was an agnostic and Socialist—who was a descendant of Socialists and anti-Christian crusaders.[4] Despite contemporary cameo attempts to rid the ACLU of those who openly advocated Communism, Baldwin was a self-professed advocate of both Socialism and Communism.[5] The Harvard Class Book of 1935 quoted Baldwin—a 1905 Harvard graduate—who said,

I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is, of course, the goal.[6]

At the time these words appeared in print, Baldwin was already halfway through his thirty-year career as executive director of the ACLU. Realizing how un-American and unacceptable the “American” Civil Liberties Union would be to the nation, he advised a colleague who was launching a similar activist group to,

Steer away from making it look like a Socialist enterprise…. We want also to look like patriots in everything we do. We want to get a good lot of flags, talk a good deal about the Constitution and what our forefathers wanted to make of this country, and to show that we are really the folks that really stand for the spirit of our institutions.[7]

Communism and Socialism Sell Death

Karl Marx

Karl Marx is remembered as the “Father of Socialism.”[8] His economic philosophy of Socialism provided the foundation for the political philosophy of Communism; Marx explained his economic theory in the three-volume work, Das Kapital. It is critical to observe that both Socialism and Communism allegedly place final authority for human government upon the people or workers—the “proletariat.” However, this notion has always remained an ideal or concept that has always alluded reality for both Communism and Socialism because of the fallen nature of the human heart—especially Communists and Socialists. To the masses, the appeal of Socialists and Communists is utopian—avowing to make heaven on earth. However, when the final authority for the foundation of human government shifts—as it does in both Socialism and Communism—from the Divine authority to the professed “democratic” dictates of the workers (proletariat) and their dictatorial leaders, atrocities always ensue.

Darwinian Influence

It is not surprising to hear Karl Marx confess his indebtedness to Charles Darwin and Darwin’s philosophy of human evolution. Concerning his indebtedness to Darwin, Marx wrote, “Darwin’s book [Origin of Species][9] is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history.”[10] Darwin provided the world with a philosophical foundation that made God unnecessary and unwanted, but Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky astutely critiqued emboldened atheism of Socialists and Communists that sang Darwin’s praises: “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”[11] Communism with its Socialistic ally resoundingly answered, “Yes!” to Dostoevsky and produced the greatest human carnage the world has ever witnessed. Though impossible to precisely determine the number, it is estimated that Communistic governments built upon the foundation of Socialism are directly responsible for the deaths of up to 260 million people around the world between 1917 and 1987.[12]

Despite his attempts to disassociate himself from Communism later in life,[13] Roger Nash Baldwin conceived and nurtured the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) upon the milk of Communism and Socialism, and for this reason, he and contemporary disciples share in the blame for the human carnage of the twentieth century and beyond.


Declaration of Independence

The forms of Socialism and Communism historically advocated by the ACLU will always fail for the central reason that arbitrary human will (via the “workers” or “proletariat”) seeks to replace Divine will and purpose in human government.

From the inception of America, Her Founding Fathers argued for the supremacy of the Divine will in human government. In fact, so important was this principle that they stated it in the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. They confessed that they were resolved to live according to “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” They had received their teaching concerning natural law from their pastors, and they believed that the God who could govern “Nature” could be counted upon to provide the best principles for human government and made this conviction evident in the Declaration of Independence—giving it a place of prominence in the first document of America’s organic laws, and in the first paragraph of those laws.

Dr. Martin Luther King noted the stark difference between the philosophy of government of America’s Founding Fathers and the philosophy of Socialists and Communists when he observed:

…for the Communist, there is no divine government, no absolute moral order, there are no fixed, immutable principles; consequently, almost anything—force, violence, murder, lying—is a justifiable means.[14]

Reinforcing Dr. King’s critique of Communism’s violent history and the ACLU’s relation to both Socialism and Communism is the branding the ACLU has chosen for its “People Power” campaign. The ACLU is not ashamed to identify itself with the clenched fist of the Soviets and other Communists around the world. The real message of Socialism and Communism (as manifest by the political Left) has never been “TOLERANCE,” but “SUBMIT!”–and the clenched fist is symbolic of this fact! America should expect the same violent results from similar tactics used by fellow Socialists and Communists of the ACLU around the world. Rather than produce vibrant societies, Socialism and Communism have always produced death and the degradation of every society where they place their feet, and America will be no exception. Shame on the ACLU for rattling the lifeless bones of Communism!

This concludes another episode from our podcast library, entitled, ACLU Rattles Lifeless Bones of Communism .

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