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Men Who Understand the Times

Men Who Understand the Times

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At such a critical time in the history of the nation of Israel, it is said that the leaders of the tribe of Issachar were men “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”  This memorial and testimony in Scripture is not lengthy; it is not verbose, but it is one of the great accolades which may be credited to any individual. In a time of turmoil and great social upheaval,...Read more... Read more...



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As is true with all languages, English is undergoing constant evolution. The Schoolmaster of America, Noah Webster, gave America its first dictionary and our own form of English. Since the days of Webster, the English language has continued to evolve.  “Gay” no longer means happy or joyous disposition; its contemporary use is completely unrelated. In addition to the change in...Read more... Read more...

Greeks Still Bear Gifts

Greeks Still Bear Gifts

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Most Trojan horses do not have tails or manes. Evil does not always carry a pitchfork and dress in red, but arrays itself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). Troy was a city in the territory of Troas, now in the nation of Turkey. It was the focus of the Trojan War, which started about 1,200 BC—during the time of the period of the Judges of Israel. One version of this event...Read more... Read more...

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